18 Boho Pillow Sets (All Shoppable)

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Sets of Boho Pillow combinations
Sets of Boho Pillow combinations
Sets of Boho Pillow combinations

Putting together pillow sets for a Bohemian decorating project should be a simple task. It is after all the ultimate of all eclectic styles. And almost anything goes.

But if you need help on this, we’ve already done some mixing and matching.

Before we get to that, remember that these pillows will just be a small part of your entire space. So it’s up to you to turn the dial up or down to achieve your desired look when you add other Boho elements.

If you like to brush up on anything about the Boho Style to help you create your own space, you can find our guide on it here. If you prefer a summary, we have that too.


Our Boho pillow set recommendations come in sets of three. But hey, being a maximalist style boho is, you’ll also see how we combine some of these sets to come up with bigger ones for your collection.

And haven’t we mentioned? They’re shoppable, too. Note that most of them come in different sizes.


With those out of the way, let’s get to it.


Whatever kind of Boho you have in mind, you could probably find a trio here for your particular project.

Yes, Boho requires maximalism, so look at these groups of three as something you can expand later on. 


Here are our curated combos.

Boho Pillow Set #1 - Mandala, fringes & textured pattern

Boho pillow set of three


With a mandala design, our first set’s key piece here conveys spirituality, one of the many elements of the Bohemian Style.

The velvet band on the other piece repeats the navy blue color on the mandala. And the fringed edges on the band? They give off the carefree vibe that’s characteristic of the style. Notice the small tribal print on the base fabric—that adds to this set’s global appeal.


For pillow number three, we have one that’s covered with loomed wool. Handcrafted and made of natural material, this one checks the other boxes for the Boho Style. And one more thing, its nubby construction in diamond pattern makes the set cozy and contributes to the grouping’s eclectic look.

Get this set.

Boho Pillow Set #2 - Needlework, nubby lines, and color blocking


Multi-colored nubs forming horizontal lines do not just give our main pillow here its texture. They also make it stand out.

Joining this set is one with a folksy needlework design with coordinating colors, a different piece that provides contrast.

A big one in duotone print completes this trio.


One playful piece mixed with another with rustic vibe, and another with simple color blocking. All tied up by an earthy color scheme. Great for any boho space.

Shop this look.

Boho Pillow Set #3 - Tribal pattern, weathered stripes, tassels, fringes & pompoms

Boho pillow grouping, red, green, orange color scheme



Now for our next Boho set, we have a mix of fresh white, earthy and distressed colors; zigzags, dots and stripes for patterns; frayed edges, tassels and pompoms for added interest.

Rustic, modern, and tribal. All in one grouping that exudes the Boho vibe.   

Get these pillows.

Boho Pillow Set #4 - Textures & patterns + tassels galore

Boho pillow set in orange and green color scheme

The lumbar piece takes center stage in this set. Colors, textures and random lines, plus the tassels all-over, make this one so Boho.

Picking up on its colors, the two others in solids complement our star pillow. Yes, they play supporting roles here, but there’s no denying they have strong personalities all on their own. And that’s from the machine-sewn, raised patterns that also give them texture and plenty of interest.

Get the look.

Boho Pillow Set #5 - Needlepoint, solid-colored, welted & tribal

Boho pillow set in blue and orange color scheme


Up next, here’s a handcrafted needlepoint fabric for the main pillow of the group.

Coupled with another that has a distressed, tribal print, our Boho set is coming together with that global vibe already coming through.

The flanged, velvet number in saffron joins this assortment as an offshoot from the main piece.


Coming in a complementary color scheme, this set will naturally command attention, a characteristic that makes this definitely a good fit for any Boho space.

Shop the look.

Boho Pillow Set #6 - Black & white textures and patterns, and again, tassels too

Boho pillow ser in black and white color scheme

If you’re going for a black and white version of the Boho style, then this set may be for you.

Our star piece shows a lot of personality with its contrasting black and white color, not to mention the zigzag pattern, and tassels adorning its face.

Combined with a black, flanged lumbar pillow in velvet and with another that has raised horizontal texture, this set is as interesting as the individual pieces, and maybe much more so.

Get these black and white pillows.

Boho Pillow Set #7 - Classic and earthy boho colors here

oho pillow set



Here’s a set for you if you prefer to go Boho in a classic way.

Avocado green and burnt orange for the color palette, Aztec-inspired tribal pattern, fuzzy textures, and frayed edges—all these are so on-point with the style.   

Go classic and shop this look.

Boho Pillow Set #8 - Nature and tribal patterns + lots of textures

 Now let’s have a collection that shows the maximalist characteristic of the style. While there are not a lot of colors, there sure are plenty of different textures and patterns layered together.

There’s the welting, the fuzzy bands, and hand-braided detailing. Then there are the tribal elements and the stylized botanical pattern. 

The collection is eclectic that makes it perfect for the Boho style. It looks busy, and yet has a well-collected vibe.

Get these pillows.

Boho Pillow Set #9 - Can't enough of black & white



Another set for Black and White Boho. Tribal print, ferns in small print, and fringes.

All three are made of cotton, and that’s another reason they’re a good fit for the eco-friendly Boho Style.

Need a bigger collection? Easily combine this set with the one above.

Get this Boho pillow set.

Boho Pillow Set #10 - Spanish & Moorish vibes + plenty of colors

Boho pillow set


The Boho Style prefers plenty of colors, and what better way to do that than using colorful pillows.

Inspired by the Spanish tiles, our major piece here instantly imparts that global feel to the entire collection. And having that contrived, distressed look and also the tassel-fringed edges all the more make it so Boho.

Adding to the Spanish theme is the onion pattern brought to Spain by the Moors. More global vibe from it, and it certainly helps that it comes in coordinating color yellow.

The simple blue pillow with hand-sewn vertical lines is here to complete the set.

Shop this look.

Boho Pillow Set #11 - Chinoiserie print + metallics

Boho Chic pillow set


Let’s go Bohemian Chic this time.

So what makes this set Boho? It’s having nature as the theme for our focal piece, and the eclectic use of patterns and textures.

The Chinoiserie-like print for the birds and trees, plus the use of metallic sheens, both give this collection its elegant vibe.

Go Boho Chic and get this set.

Boho Pillow Set #12 - Faux leopard skin & tribal beadings

Boho pillow set


One of the important traits of the Boho Style is having the adventurous vibe. This comes from the nomadic nature of those who live this lifestyle.

So it’s usual to see animal prints in these kinds of space, like the leopard pillow we have here. It is as if to represent travels to exotic places like the African safari, as an example.


What’s more for this set, we get a tribal / global vibe from the handcrafted beadings on the lumbar pillow.

And tying this collection together is the black pillow with hints of the colors present in the other pieces.

Get this look.

Boho Pillow Set #13 - All white can still be boho

Boho pillow set, all white


Colors are such a big part of the Bohemian Style. But you can also get the boho feel with a white color palette.

And here’s how we did it with this pillow collection. We layered white pieces with varying textures and patterns. One knitted, another in faux fur, and one with raised geometric lines.


You can always compensate for the lack of colors by adding other boho elements like natural plants, macrame wall hangings, throw blankets, white crystals, string lights, etc…. And of course, more of textures and patterns on other furnishings.

Get the White Boho look.

Boho Pillow Set #14 - Going boho with just one hue? Yes, you can.

Boho pillow set in teal color scheme

If you can do boho with white, more so with a monochromatic scheme. 

We have here one in varying shades of teal, a grouping that focuses on patterns this time. They comprise horizontals, zigzags and radial lines, all contrasting against one another to create visual tension.

Look closely and there are tribal patterns, too. And adding to the boho feel are the tasseled edge and the raw quality of the zigzag print.

Shop this pillow set.

Boho Pillow Set #15 - From solid color to graphic to florals

Boho pillow set in bright, modern color scheme



There’s just no getting away from colors if we’re talking about the real Boho Style. Let’s do one that will work for a Modern Boho job.

Bright and simple, this collection is so contemporary in its overall look. Boho may not be the first style that comes to mind when you see this set.


But it will definitely work as a part of a bigger Boho space. It has a piece with organic floral design in multiple colors, contrasted with one that has a rectilinear print, and coordinated with a near-solid piece. An eclectic set and that ticks a box for the Boho style.

We can easily make this set more Boho. All we need to do is add more pieces to it. After all, the floral pillow still has colors in it that we can find matching pieces for.

Shop the look.

Boho Pillow Set #16 - Matchy-matchy can work too


Our next set is coordinated rather than eclectic.

But it definitely has that Boho vibe coming from the stylized, ikat-like pattern, braided detail, frayed fringes, and tassels.

Extend this collection and make it more eclectic by adding pieces in different styles, and maybe of different

Get the set.

Boho Pillow Set #17 - Go all out

Boho pillow set in teal and burnt orange


Let’s have another eclectic Boho set.

We have different patterns, lots of textures going on, and plenty of colors in this collection. Tribal arrows, geometric design with squares, and organic lines in the shaggy piece.

All contrasting against one another but made cohesive through color coordination.

Shop the look.

Boho Pillow Set #18 - Handcrafted and textured

Bolho pillow set in white and blue scheme



Our last group here is big in using textures and pattern.

They all seem handcrafted, having organic batik-like pattern, nubby chevron or zigzag texture, plus the random lines as details.

This is a simple collection that can welcome more pieces.   

Get this set.

That’s all we have for now for our trios. 

Up next, we’ve come up with three bigger groupings using most of the pillows above for more options.

Bigger pillow sets for your Boho project

Going all out in your Boho project? You might need more pillows to pull it off. 


We’ve come up with bigger sets from most of the pillows above. Choose your favorites, mix and match, and have fun. 

Big Boho Pillow Set #1

Set of 10 throw pillows in blue and beige color scheme

Shop the look.

Big Boho Pillow Set #2

Set of 12 boho throw pillows in teal and burnt orange color scheme

Get the pillows.

Big Boho Pillow Set #3

Set of 13 black and white boho pillows

Get the pillows.

There you go. That’s plenty of pillow recommendations for your Boho Style project.



We hope this post has inspired you to create your own Bohemian space and get that global and carefree vibe.


If you need more inspirations, check out our Pinterest board on this style. Or take our quiz and see if we can suggest other styles that my be right for you.

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