Abstract Interior Design Style – A Short Guide

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Four spaces in Abstract Style

Photos by: whitehoune Getty Images via Canva Pro, Jason Wang on Unsplash, Peshkova Getty Images via Canva Pro, Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash 


Looking for a non-mainstream interior design style that catches the eyes? The Abstract Style may just be something you should look into.



A striking rendering of a living space in the spirit of abstract art is definitely not for everyone. It is after all a go-to style for visual and commercial merchandising because of its attention-grabbing and thought-provoking qualities. 



But hey, there’s also room for Abstract Style in residential spaces. Foyers and powder rooms are great for this. They can showcase a homeowner’s adventurous side while giving guests some kind of entertainment.




While it can look simple, decorating in this style needs a thought-out plan. So here’s are our top tips on how to create your own Abstract Style space.

1. Simplify design elements.

abstracted ceiling vault, doorway and panelings, columns, and stairs

Photos by: gbanga Getty Images, Brus_Rus Getty Images, fruttipics Getty Images, gazanfer gungor Getty Images. All via Canva Pro.

From architectural details to furniture pieces, reduce all your design elements into their simplest forms by using only simple geometric lines and shapes.

Here are some examples of how to do it, referring to the images above:

  • Ceiling fan vaults are stripped to basic lines. 
  • Same thing with the doorways and wall panelings, too. 
  • A staircase that’s reduced to just the steps, even doing away with handrails. 
  • Columns that are in simple tube-like forms without the usual embellishments.
Abstract furniture pieces in line and block forms

Photos by: AlexandrMoroz Getty Images, doomu Getty Images, Lina Moiseienko Getty Images, prill Getty Images. All via Canva Pro.


Use furniture pieces with just enough forms and shapes to make them functional. Like a sofa that’s made of block cushions, coffee tables in plain cube shapes, chairs constructed with simple blocks and lines. 

2. Accessorize using abstract art pieces.

Abstract sculptures, painting and area rug

Photos by: perihelio Getty Images Signature, me4o Getty Images Signature, Steve Johnson Pexels, Lightguard Getty Images Signature. All via Canva Pro

This should go without saying — decorate with abstract painting, abstract area rugs, and other abstract art. 

3. Use asymmetry.

examples of asymmetry in interior design

Photos by: arhiady Getty Images, georgejportfolioTiero. All via Canva Pro

Two of the most notable characteristics of Abstract Style are its being casual and dynamic. And applying asymmetry to your design is a way to achieve them. 

Some examples: 

  • lop-sided doorway,
  • randomized patterns,
  • random placement of design elements.

4. Use lines.

Examples of using line art in Abstract interior design style

Photos by: 

Line art is a staple in Abstract Style. Whether in 2D painting or artworks, 3D sculptures, or outlining architectural details, it creates contrast that gives a space a graphic, “comic-book feel.”

Note that color for 3D elements is not a requirement. Contrast is created by the shadows they cast themselves – which brings us to our next tip…

5. Use plenty of colors... or don't.

Abstract interiors in neutral and colorful palettes

Photos by: Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash, archideaphoto Getty Images via Canva Pro,  Peshkova Getty Images via Canva Pro, Ali Yahya on Unsplash 

“Colorful” is an adjective that one usually associate with Abstract Style. But for the color-averse, the style is definitely achievable using a neutral palette as shown above. 

6. Give the space an obvious sculptural feel.

Sculptural elements for Abstract interior design style

Photos by: mari-fabri Getty Images, borzaya Getty Images, peshkov Getty Images, victorzastolskiy. All via Canva Pro.

Think of modern sculptures when furnishing and accessorizing.  And apply modern sculptural details to architectural elements such as walls and ceilings. 

There you go. Our top 6 tips on how to decorate in Abstract interior design style.  


If you’re the adventurous type and you have a leaning towards the different, consider Abstract Style for your next project. It’s artsy, bold, but refreshing.  It’s one style that can surely make a great deal of impression. 

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Happy decorating!

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