A Condo Unit in Modern Glam Style

Modern Glam Style has been enjoying a lot of popularity and there’s not a sign of it ever dwindling down. If you love Modernist Styles and yet also appreciate the Classics, Modern Glam is perfect for you as it is a mix of both


It’s a very versatile style. One can tweak it to look either more Modern or more Glam.  


Think like you have a slider that you can move to either end of a spectrum, depending on your taste. To help you with planning, a checklist is available for download from the sticky bar on top of this post.  

More on this as we close this post. 

Modern Glam Style is a glitzy, elegant and luxurious style. But restrained by the presence or dominance of Contemporary or Modern elements. Modern here can mean both Mid-Century Modern and the real sense of the word. The resulting look is a tempered version of Hollywood Regency or Hollywood Glam.  


Check out the key differences between Modern Glam and Hollywood Glam in another post.  

A Modern Glam Project

The condo unit featured in this post is designed and decorated with Modern Glam Style in mind. The purpose is to provide inspiration.  And also to show how to execute the style for every kind of room in a residential space.  


The design is based on the made-up profile of and project brief from a fictitious client. Her name is Melissa Grand. She’s single and a fashion designer by profession.   


Being young at 32 years old, Melissa has an inclination to the modern styles. And being in the fashion industry, she also lives a glamorous lifestyle. She loves to entertain and have friends and family over. 


While she has a workshop or an atilier, she wants the option to receive clients, suppliers and guests in her home.  The modernist in her made her decide to practice minimalism as least in her wardrobe.   


Based on the above profile, the design brief calls for:

  • decorating in Modern Glam Style,
  • a living space for entertaining,
  • a guest room if someone wants to stay for the night,
  • a home office and 
  • a small closet space for a capsule wardrobe.

The Condo Unit

Floor Plan
Rendered Floor Plan

The spaces for this project has tall windows that are less than a foot above floor. And this also goes for the bathroom and the powder room. So there’s this difficulty of having less walls to put large furniture pieces against. 


Posing another challenge is the main entrance.  It leads straight into an open doorway to a windowless kitchen.   

The entryway itself is also without windows.  


Another open doorway connects the grand room and the kitchen. 


Access to some rooms is only possible by going through other rooms.

Modern Glam Design and Rationale for each Room / Area

Before we get to each room, check out the album below for images of the project.

Modern Glam Style by DesignDécorDecoded

Modern Glam Foyer / Entryway


A folding door is installed in the open doorway.  This is to solve the awkwardness of having the kitchen the first thing one sees as he enters. 

A bright colored, patterned wallpaper for the wall plus plenty of whites all over. They help lighten up this narrow space that doesn’t get enough natural light.

A console table with metallic base and black marble tabletop adorn one side of the foyer.  Beside it is a leather-upholstered chair with white frame.  Its silhouette reminds of Mid-Century Modern Style. The accessories include with a drum-shaded lamp, abstract artwork, sculpture, etc..  

Across the ensemble is a full-sized floor mirror leaning on wall.  It creates some drama for the space.  And it’s there so Melissa or her guests can check on themselves when passing through.  

The wall sconces help get rid the shadows created by the overhead lighting. This results to a more flattering reflection from the mirror.

On the side of the entryway is a modern storage cabinet.  It can be a storage for shoes or supplies. A gilded mirror in a classic quatrefoil shape is above it, providing contrast.

A set of identical chandeliers for accent lighting.

Some elements bring a kind of “softness” to this otherwise “hard” space.  These are the organic nature of the abstract art piece and the winged ladies on the portraits.  The plant accessories also do the same. 

Together, all these elements result to a dramatic foyer or entryway.  It exudes a restrained amount modern elegance that sets the mood for the entire condo unit.

Some may consider this as too busy and too colorful, and so, can be too tiring to look at.  The busyness is acceptable as the foyer is a space that’s not stayed in for long periods of time.  And also, the foyer is one space in which to make a bold first impression.

Modern Glam Powder Room

modern glam powder room
Powder Room

The powder room is at one end of the entryway. Like the foyer, this is one area in a home where a home owner can and should make a statement.  It is after all a space that’s meant for visitors.  


Upon entry, there’s a screen divider on the left, keeping the water closet out of sight.  It’s made of vertical metal slats in black finish.  A modern piece of artwork spicing it up.  Or it can have a full-length mirror instead of the artwork, so guests can check on themselves on their way out.


The powder room also sports a yellow, but this one leans on the orange side.  Graphic wallpaper is also used but only on the upper part, creating a wainscot effect.  The lower half can be painted with semi-gloss or tiled. This is especially true for the wash area because it’s exposed to water and moisture.


A black leather-upholstered stool with high contrasting stitches is on one corner.  Powder room users can put their bags on it while doing business in it.


A free-standing, gold-finished toilet paper holder instead of a wall mount.  So it looks more like a glam accessory rather than a utility piece.


The lower part of the wall opposite the sink receives paneling for added interest.


Moisture-resistant Roman shade for a more modern look. 

Modern Glam Living Room

modern glam living room
Living Room

Generally, a glamorous life entails having to entertain.  Melissa is one who loves to do so, and her living space is perfect for holding small, intimate parties.


The almost floor-to-ceiling windows are great for allowing natural light in.  Not to mention for enjoying the night scene.  To maximize this feature, floating the main furniture arrangement is a good layout.  It allows for guests to freely move around and mingle.  Heavy drapes as window treatment, for privacy.  


The ottomans under the console table provide more seatings when necessary.  Floor pillows for a more casual gathering.


Small arrangements in the corners are good for private conversations or time alone.  Useful if some would like to break away from the group.


It also helps that the space large, because lots of space in a condo unit, or any kind of space at that, can equate to luxury.   


Velvet, leather and gold-finished metals, emerald green for the glam vibe.  Clean lines, graphic patterns, minimalist look; plus black, white and gray – for a modern look.


A bar cart for serving drinks is a fitting addition to this space.

Modern Kitchen with Dining Area

luxurious kitchen with dining area
Kitchen with Dining Area

Separating the living room from the kitchen / dining area is the same folding door used in the foyer.  They can both swing 180 degrees when opened.  Option to have clear glass or opaque.


It’s in a neutral black, gray and white scheme.  All that shiny surfaces give off a luxurious feel. On the cabinetry, appliances and furniture pieces.  


Checkerboard tiling for the backsplash not only creates visual contrast.  It is also a classic touch.  Square floor tiles subtly echoing the pattern.   


Fascia boards under the overhead cabinets hide strip lighting for the work counter. A tambour door for the pantry.  Option to use the same space as an appliance garage.


Booth or banquette seat against the wall as a space-saving solution.  Its leather upholstery adds to the upscale look.  The stainless finish all over the area does the same.


While not ideal, the microwave-oven combo is behind the chairs.  But there’s enough space between them, especially if the chairs are stowed under the table.   A simple pendant light in modern. geometric shape for the dining area.


This kitchen may not feel as glamorous as the other spaces.  But it still exudes the luxe vibe that’s characteristic of Modern Glam Style. 

TV Room and Guest Room

TV room / guest room
TV Room / Guest Room

This space serves as a media room but can accommodate two people for a short stay.  Perfect since Melissa often has family coming over.  


Guests can hang some clothes in a provided space within the media cabinet.  A modern and comfortable L-shaped sofa transforms into a bed.  And with a calming blue for this room, this space is sure to be a relaxing and inviting space.


In a corner is a storage box for pillows and linens.  


Soft shades of gray and blue dominate the space.  And the area rug brings in visual contrast.  It also heightens the softness with its broad strokes of varying shades of blues.


Balancing off the television’s black screen are the chandelier and a coffee table. The lighting piece is Mid-Century Modern in style. Black stone for the tabletop.


Like the kitchen, this room leans more on the modern side. A small dose of glam from the gold finish of the table base and some of the cabinet accessories.

Modern Glam Home Office

modern glam home office
Home Office

A fashion designer by trade, one of Melissa’s requests is a home office. A space where she can at times receive clients. But more so where she can work on projects when inspiration strikes.


The use of dark color and graphic chevron pattern on the wall is bold and brave. Add to it the gray and blue checkerboard carpet tile.    


Classic-inspired table with turned legs and gilded handles, finished in high gloss paint.  Paired with chairs in velvet-upholstery and harlequin pattern and gold-pointed legs.   


A tall storage / display cabinet as backdrop for the desk and chairs. Same body and hardware finishes as the desk for cohesiveness.


Hidden inside the bar cabinet are coffee machine and wares.  Great for serving drinks to clients while in a meeting.


Modern artworks of glamorous women as accessories. The acanthus leaf gilded sculptures are small but classic touch. And so are the Greek key-like detail on the Roman shade. 


As in most rooms, a geometric chandelier for the lighting. 


Next door is Melissa’s bedroom. Access to it is through this office.

Modern Glam Bedroom

modern glam bedroom

Dark teal for this bedroom.  A color that’s a combination of green and blue for relaxation.  


Two zones for this room with a wall screen dividing it.  One for sleeping and the other as a sort of walk-in closet.  It’s a small closet space as requested in the brief.  


The “walk-in closet,” small as it is, has a cabinet with sliding doors.  Enough for a capsule wardrobe.  Opposite it is a vanity in a classic silhouette, paired with a quatrefoil-shaped stool.  A hanger stand for bags, coats, etc. Lit from above by a modern metal pendant light.  A full length mirror and wall sconces complete this area.


Wallpaper with subtle pattern for an accent wall.


The bed frame is velvet-upholstered, with tufting and tailored skirting.  Instead of hanging the artwork above, it’s placed off-centered on the floor, pinned by the bed.  This gives it a more modern touch.    


Opposite the bed is a pair of armchairs with a coffee table between them.  Option to replace this ensemble with a chaise longue or a divan.


A portrait of a ballerina adorn the screen divider.  Heavy velvet drapery for privacy.  

Toilet and Bath

modern glam toilet and bath
Toilet and Bath with Tropical Glam Touch

For the T&B, a fresh light green with plenty of whites for the scheme.  A touch of tropical vibe from the artworks and accessories.  


To keep up with the glam style of the rest of the space, there’s a plenty dose of light gold finishes all around.  

There’s a cabinet for linens or other clothing articles.  Melissa also has the choice to make this house a pair stacking washer and dryer. There’s even room for an ironing board and some cleaning materials. 


This T&B can also be accessed through the TV room / guest room.  But locking it is of course an option, especially if there are no guests staying overnight.

Other Alternatives for this Condo's Rooms

Whether this space is for Melissa for somebody else, there are other ways to use the spaces in this condo. 


  • TV room can be a kid’s room, or a full walk-in closet.  
  • TV room can be a more formal dining room if client wants a bigger kitchen, or  
  • Living room can have a small living space shared with a dining area.
  • The bedroom can be the walk-in closet with a small space for an office desk, and then the office becomes the bedroom.

Modern Glam Checklist Download

To help out in planning your Modern Glam project, download the checklist from the bar above.


It is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a springboard nonetheless.  Add to it any item you may seem appropriate.


Note that a superscript of “g” means the item is more for the glam part and “m” for modern.  Those without markings are applicable to both.  


When choosing your elements, consider each of their footprints. And also how much each one stands out.  The goal is to keep the space looking elegant and modern at the same time.


And if you need visual inspirations, you can come back to this post.  Or you can visit our Modern Glam board on Pinterest.  You may also want to check this other post.  It’s all about spaces that are done in the same style.  Each one broken down to its elements.



Have fun mixing and matching your favorite elements.  And make that Modern Glam space truly your own.



Not sure if Modern Glam is the style for you? Take our style quiz and find out.

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