From Bedroom to Home Office (1 Layout, 3 Different Styles)

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home office in scandinavian style
Scandinavian Style
home office in contemporary style
Contemporary Style
home office in modern glam style
Modern Glam Style

You’ve been working at home probably long before the pandemic, or because of it. And yes, with all the things going around while the kids and the spouse are mostly staying home, you can definitely use a personal, off-limits home office of your own.

If you have an extra room, convert it into your sanctuary. Create a space where you can both work and relax in peace. And while at it, infuse it with style and personality that represent yours.

This post is an example of how to do that – converting a bedroom into a home office.  And we’re doing it in 3 different styles.

First, let’s talk about the layout.

Below is a typical bedroom.  

Dimensions:  13′ 4″ x 11′ 3″  or 4,064mm x 3,430mm

typical bedroom layout

If you’re the kind that doesn’t accept clients and guests at home (and in this time of Covid, you probably aren’t), then this is perfect!  You are after all creating your sacred space.

There are several ways to do this, and here is one possible layout.

bedroom turned into home office layout

Let’s break it down.

·      Convert the built-in closet space into a home office storage by putting in more shelves. 

To keep the room flexible for future use, say you’d want to use it as a bedroom again, retain the closet doors.  Also, they’ll make the space more clutter-free by keeping things out-of-sight.   

But hey, if you want it open to make things accessible, or if you prefer a well-styled open shelves, you can always ditch the doors.  For this post, we’re keeping them, and…

·      We’re floating the desk and chair.   It may be a problem for the table lamp since you’ll need a floor outlet for this placement to work.  If you can’t have it installed, you can use a battery-operated table lamp instead…

Or you can place the table against the wall.

·      No guest chairs for this home office.  But we have a comfortable sofa where you can read a book or take that power nap. 



·      A display shelf on the corner adds interest to the room.




·      You need more peace and quiet?  Install wall-to-wall carpet and/or acoustic wall and ceiling panels.

Well, the acoustic boards may be a bit much.

Now let’s move on to the creative side…

Style it up - because nobody wants a boring home office

For this space, we’ve come up with 3 different styles, with breakdowns of each one’s elements.

And if the layout or any of these styles is a good fit for your own project, check out the shop-the-look boards that  come after each style is discussed.

Not much of a reader?  You’ll get the gist from the slideshows.

Style #1 - The ever-popular Scandinavian Style

It’s no wonder why this regional style has gone to become one of today’s most-loved styles.  It’s clean, modern and functional.  We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like it.

Scandinavian Home Office by DesignDécorDecoded

So here’s what’s in this room and why they fit in this style.


·      Plenty of whites – This is to combat the long, dark winters in the Scandi region.

·      Light wood color – Most wood available in the area are light in color.

·      Wicker window shades, wicker lamp shades, unfinished wood planks for the side table, lots of plants – To emphasize the style’s close-to-nature characteristic. 

·      Shiplap wood planks for the walls – Commonly used in rustic/country styles.  The region enjoys modernism amidst its vast natural outdoors.

·      Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner, a Danish furniture designer.

·      Furniture pieces with splayed legs – Usually used in this style and something it shares with Mid-Century Modern Style.  

·      Scandinavian-themed artworks – Reindeer, mountains, nature, etc…

·      Cluster of cone-shaped pendant lights to represent the Scandinavian mountain ranges and wooden bird accessory representing the Scandinavian wildlife – both in stylized form because of the style’s modern trait.

There you go, an office space in the Scandinavian Style – a style that has become ubiquitous all over.

Shop the Scandinavian Look

Interested in learning more about this style?  Check out our top tips in going Scandinavian.  Or see our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Now let’s look at another way to decorate this space.

Style #2 - Sleek, masculine & modern: the Contemporary Style

The contemporary style of today stays away from anything that’s traditional and mostly detaches itself from the looks of most other styles.

And because it deals with all that’s “here and now,” it can always seem modern, infused with whatever new ideas are trending at the moment.

Let’s break down the elements that make the below office space a Contemporary one.

Contemporary Home Office by DesignDécorDecoded

·      It uses a neutral color palette – white, black, and gray.

·      Lines and shapes are clean and geometric.

·      Because minimalism is one of the style’s traits, a large, single modern artwork adorns a wall.

·      There’s a lot of high-gloss finishes that contrast with matte surfaces like the solid gray wall finish.

·      Comfort is a priority in any modern style, so we have here a plump, cozy sofa with coordinating pillows.

·      The materials used are glass, leather, wood and metal – and together with the lines and finishes, they give the space its sleek, modern and masculine look.

Do not like curls, fringes and the likes?  But don’t mind some bold, but a bit cold vibe?  Maybe the Contemporary Style is something you can consider.

Shop the Contemporary Look

More of Contemporary Style on our Pinterest account.

For our last take on this space, let’s change it up and use some color.

Style #3 - The elegant Modern Glam Style

A tamed version of Hollywood Regency, the Modern Glam Style features a good mix of the modern and the classics.  It is not so much about any particular element, but it’s more about the space’s overall ambience – that is, one of luxurious simplicity.

Modern Glam Home Office by DesignDécorDecoded

First, let’s list down what makes the above space modern.

·      Use of clean lines.

·      Plenty of black and white.

·      Mid-Century Modern pieces like the sofa, bubble chandelier and the metal-shaded floor lamp.  These pieces may have appeared decades ago, but are still considered modern today.

Now here are the elements that make it glam.

·      Graphic wallpaper with a classic quatrefoil-like pattern.

·      Crown molding, albeit modern in style.

·      Wainscot.

·      Beveled mirrors in diamond pattern.

·      Jewel colors.

·      Metallic gold detail on the wall panels, plus gold metal finishes on the furnishings.

·      Artworks of glamorous women.

These elements come together to make up a space that exudes luxury, but simple enough to be modern and elegant.

Shop the Modern Glam Look

Here are some more spaces and an entire condo unit decorated in this style.  Prefer Pinterest?  See our Modern Glam board.

There you have it.  One home office layout, done in three different styles.  Take that spare room and transform it into your sacred space.  And remember to do it with style.  You deserve it.

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