How to Choose a Sofa for Scandinavian Style Projects – A Visual Guide

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11 tips for choosing a sofa for your scandinavian style project

There are so many types of sofas you can use for your Scandinavian or Nordic Style projects. And while we have here 11 tips to help you decide, we promise to keep this short and sweet. 


Here we go.

Light-colored sofas for Scandinavian and/or Nordic Style projects

During long winter seasons, natural sunlight can be such a precious thing in the Scandinavian and Nordic regions. 

And because Scandinavians tend to stay indoors to stay away from the bitter cold, they prefer to keep their spaces bright and airy.

Whether you prefer white, beige, or gray, a light-colored sofa can easily help you get that Scandinavian vibe.  

Tip #2 - Or go for a dark-colored one

Dark-colored sofas for Scandinavian Style projects

A Scandinavian Style space can take many directions. And one of these is the modern route.

Choose a dark-colored piece in gray or black for that bold, modernist feel.

Tip #3 - Or choose one in a Mid-Century Modern color

Sofas in Mid-Century Modern signature colors

Ever thought of how the Scandinavian Style can sometimes look a lot like the American Mid-Century Modern Style?

If you answered yes, that’s because you’re right.

Both styles share many similarities, and that’s due to the fact that many Scandinavian furniture makers emigrated to the United States before and after World War II.

The two groups of designers exchanged notes on their design and construction process, hence the overlaps.

If you want reference this historical detail, get your sofa in a muted, earthy Midmod color like mustard yellow, burnt orange, avocado green, or a dark teal. 

Tip #4 - Or a brighter version of that Midmod color

Sofas in bright Mid-Century Modern colors

Not a fan of earthy tones?

You can still give a nod to Midmod by opting for one of its signature colors in its bright version.

Tip #5 - Go for tufted or otherwise

Two sofas, one with tufted backrest, the other without

While we commonly see tufting in many Scandinavian Style sofas, it isn’t going to make or break your design plan. 


Tufting is more of a Midmod trait, which you can learn more about in this post.



So take your pick. Tufted or not tufted?

Tip #6 - Either metal or wooden legs

Two white sofas, one with metal frame & legs, another in wood

As mentioned, Scandi can take a modern look, but you can also take it to a direction towards more rustic or country.


That’s owing to the Scandinavian region’s diverse mix of urban and rustic landscapes.



So go for one with metallic frame and legs if you want that modern vibe, or choose wood for a rustic feel.


Tip #7 - Straight or splayed legs

Two white sofas, one with metal frame & legs, another in wood

Because Scandi is a modern style, furniture legs are clean-lined and simple.


You can never go wrong with tapered legs, either straight or splayed. 


Straight for an unassuming look, or splayed for a more stylish vibe. 

Tip #8 - Straight or sloped armrests

Two sofas, one with straight armrests, another in sloped armrests

The clean lines also go for the armrests. 


Either go for straight or sloped.

Tip #9 - Get one with a distinct sculptural frame

Scandinavian sofas with wooden, sculptural frame

Instead of a sofa with a padded frame, why not choose one with a sleek wooden frame that extends to the armrests? That lends the sofa a graceful and sculptural feel that makes it look like a piece of artwork.   

Besides that, it’s less bulky so it can be the better choice if lack of space is an issue. 

Tip #10 - Plump upholstery or structured construction

One sofa with plump upholstery, another in modern, structured construction

Going back to our first tip, the cold Scandinavian weather would make anyone want to curl up on a comfy sofa. And one with a plump upholstery would be a good fit for this purpose.


And if you want the opposite, there’s the more structured version for a more formal look. 

Tip #11 - Linen, polyester, or leather for upholstery material

Images of linen, polyester & leather - materials used in Scandinavian Style sofa upholstery

Get one in linen for a natural, comfortable feel.


Polyester if you’re going for a modern look.


For a formal, masculine vibe, leather in white, gray, or black would be great.

There they are, our 11 tips on how to choose your sofa for any Scandinavian Style project.


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Shoppable Scandinavian Style Sofas

When you’re ready, here are the sofas we just featured in this post and more. Most of them are from Froy, and we’ve included our Amazon finds, too.


Happy shopping and happy decorating. 

Our Amazon finds.

And the ones below are from Australian sites.

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