Modern Glam Living Room Concepts (Different Color Schemes)

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Modern GlamLiving Room concept board , in blue and gold color scheme
Modern Glam Living Room concept board, emerald green and gold color scheme
Modern Glam Living Room concept board in red anand gold color scheme

Are you planning on a Modern Glam living room make over, and can’t decide which color scheme to go for?

Here are three concept boards in red, blue and green palettes to help you choose. Most items are shoppable, and if you’re the Amazon type of a shopper, we’ve also rounded up our favorites from there. More about that at the end of this post.


If you’re not sure yet what Modern Glam Style is about, you can check out our post on it here, and our Pinterest board for the style.


Otherwise, let’s pick apart these concept boards for now.

The easiest way to glam up a space is to mix jewel-toned colors with any kind of metallic. And in these design concepts, we chose to use gold and bronze.

To keep the space modern, we added black and white elements in different doses.


Let’s start off with the rug.

Grounding the furniture layout is the area rug above. With gray and black palette and a marble design, it in itself exudes both the modern and the glam vibes. It’s a good base for layering furniture pieces and accessories of colors and patterns that contrast against its neutral scheme and organic pattern.

Now for our main furniture piece, we have here three sofas, all upholstered in luxurious velvet.

·      The blue tuxedo sofa’s silhouette lends it its modern look. But having a gold plinth base and tufted upholstery make it look so glam.

·      Then there’s the emerald green one. It has simple lines, and yet, also having tufting on the backrest and classic English roll arms, this piece isn’t ready to go all modern. Perfect for our Modern Glam living room project.

·      Our last piece has a clean, curvy shape that looks so modern. But with that upholstery and thin, gold legs, this sofa is so elegant it fits right in into any glam-styled space.

Let’s turn our focus on the chair. It has a simply-constructed frame that’s offset by its covering. There are only few things that are more luxurious than alpaca fur. Don’t worry. Only end-of-life fur is used for the beautiful Brooklyn Chair.

We’re featuring the black piece here, but it also comes in other colors, some in jewel tones, too.

To create some visual tension, the coffee tables used in each board all contrast against the sofas in some ways.

·      Solid blue velvet upholstery VS patterned coffee table surface design

·      Soft curves of the sofa VS rectilinear coffee table

·      Black sofa VS white coffee table

All three end tables here have sleek, gold-finished bases, adding plenty to the glam vibe.

The same metallic finishes for the lighting pieces with shades in black and white to echo the other elements we already have.

Blue and white wallpaper pattern
Green and white wallpaper pattern
Red and white wallpaper pattern

For the walls, we used graphic wallpaper in jewel colors because we’re feeling brave.  For a more restrained look, painted walls with some classic detailing like simple wainscot and moldings, or without, will work just as well.  

A painting in different shades of gold above the sofas for that unmistakable, bold glam statement.

Now let’s have the fun part of accessorizing.

To dress up the flat surfaces, we have here a gold picture frame, metal sculpture in twisted organic shape, decorative boxes, and jewel-colored vases and orbs. 

Adding interest to the sofas and chairs are pillows with coverings of fur, silk, velvet, fringes, and other luxurious materials. Some have geometric and marbled patterns. There are pieces in the each of the board’s color scheme.  All help in making the spaces look more cohesive.

There you have it, three concepts for Modern Glam Style living room. We hope they got you inspired to create your own.

Modern Glam - Amazon finds

And as we mentioned, below are our Amazon finds for these concept boards. Happy shopping! 

Area rugs


End tables

Accent Chairs

Coffee tables


Wall arts

Lighting pieces

Decorative pieces


Have fun planning your very own Modern Glam living room!



In case you  have something else in mind and you’re not sure about the style you want to go for, take our quiz and get some suggestions.

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