The Rustic Family of Interior Design Styles

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Classic County Style: viki2win  Getty Images, pushenok Getty Images Pro and Lucas Allen Photo Images

Country Chic Style: Pixabay Pexels,  Witthaya Getty Images,  jodiechapman Getty Images and sergiimostovyi

Modern Country Style: Polina Strelkova Getty Images Pro,  jp_3d Getty Images Pro, RUBEN RAMOS Getty Images and Goran Bogicevic

Classic Farmhouse Style: KellyvanDellen, Annetta Bosakova Annetta Bosakova and Svetl Getty Images Pro

Modern farmhouse Style: alabn  Getty Images Proand and stephankarg

Cabin / Log Style: Alena Ozerova, Andy Dean Photography and Andy Dean Photography

Modern Cabin Style: victorzastolskiy and Elisabeth Coelfen

Coastal / Beach Style: Adventure and lifestyle images and video footage Getty Images, Netfalls and Comstock Images Photo Images

Coastal Chic Style: wuttichaijangrab Getty Images and TonTectonix Getty Images

The Rustic Family of Decorating Styles include ones that are inspired by their location, that is close to nature and away from urban areas.


These rural spaces can be in coastal areas, lakesides, woodlands, ranches, mountainsides, etc.


The most notable characteristics common to all are emphasis  on comfort and simplicity.


While they can all be generally called Country Styles, other layers of elements add more specific nuances to them.

Classic Country Style

Photos by: Kathy Pardell Kathy Pardell, Annetta Bosakova Annetta Bosakova, emswope Getty Images and kanzefar Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

Being away from the city, an interior that’s decorated in Country Style

veers away from anything that’s new, modern and the latest in technology.


Instead, it uses simple, basic and old-fashioned things.

But  does it without compromising comfort.


Furniture pieces and layout have a casual, laid-back feel.


Furnishings and décor include things that are salvaged and repurposed.

Also the handcrafted and lived-in.


This unplugged and “stuck-in-the-past” vibes of the style,

forces one to turn to and appreciate nature and its surroundings.


That’s why décor also include nature-related themes, 

such as florals, animals and the natural landscape.


The overall result is a space

that’s carefree, nostalgic, relaxing and refreshing.

Architectural Elements

Country Style Architectural Elements
Photos by: frazaz Getty Images, eugenesergeev Getty Images Pro, Kim Carson Photo Images, poligonchik Getty Images and galynatymonko via Canva Pro

– exposed ceiling, rafters and beams, for a simple, unfinished feel

– brick walls and natural stones

– wood planks on walls, floors and ceiling

– wooden window shutters

– windows with metal frames and small glass panes, for a vintage vibe.


Country Style Finishes
Photos by: tbrick Getty Images Pro, Vancayzeele-Olivier Getty Images, Hemera Technologies Photo Images and KellyvanDellen via Canva Pro

The emphasis on simplicity makes the style favor all that’s modest and aged.


Finishes are weathered and distressed, like the above examples:

– peeling paint

– patinated surfaces

– unfinished materials

– craggy, rough surfaces


But can also be fresh-looking overall.


Or also a mix of both.

Furniture Pieces

Country Style Furniture Pieces
Photos by: sfe-co2 Getty Images Pro, Mike Bird Pexels, liveslow Getty Images, Annetta Bosakova Annetta Bosakova, bangkaewphoto Getty Images and jgaunion Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

– pieces made of metal and wood

– spindle back chairs and settee

– ladder back chairs

– wicker furniture pieces

– pieces with caning and turnings

– slip-covered chairs and sofas

– wooden benches

– other simple, handcrafted pieces


Photos by: Pixabay Pexels, hlehnerer, Kathy Pardell Kathy Pardell, welcomia, Anina Lonte Getty Images and piovesempre Getty Images via Canva Pro

Lighting pieces made of metals, perfect for areas that’s exposed to the elements.


– wrought iron chandeliers

– copper, bronze, brass, or black iron lanterns

– oil and gas lamps, real or faux

– industrial lamps


Country Style Patterns
Photos by: Gribanessa, OZMedia, Kristina Paukshtite Pexels, Sanga Park, LeszekCzerwonka Getty Images Pro, Hemera Technologies Photo Images and OZMedia via Canva Pro

– florals, in big and dainty sizes

– checks and plaids

– ticking stripes

– folksy patterns

Window Treatments

Country Style Window Treatment
Photos by: Ryan McVay Photo Images, TrudyWilkerson Getty Images, viki2win Getty Images, Image Source Photo Images and Deyan Georgiev via Canva Pro

– bamboo or wicker blinds

– lace curtains and valances

– curtains in plaid, checks, floral fabrics

– sheer curtains or none, to blur the lines between indoor and outdoors,

for better appreciation of nature

Soft Materials

Country Style Soft Materials
Photos by: eyewave, otabalyukphoto, Olena Rudo and Tetyana Kulchytska via Canva Pro

Natural materials derived from plants and animals like:

cotton, linen, canvas, felt and wool.


Photos by: Mkovalevskaya Getty Images, oksix Getty Images Pro, Thomas Dutour, Svetl Getty Images Pro, gojak Getty Images Pro and Lucas Allen Photo Images via Canva Pro

Simple items like:

– enamelware

– creamware

– metalware

– potteries


Handmade items like:

– hand-carved wooden ware and decorative pieces

– handwoven baskets, mats, area rugs


They are usually displayed in open shelves,

doubling as décor and things for everyday use.

Country Style Decor
Photos by: Oksana_S Getty Images Pro, Wierink Imaging, halfpoint collection, erperlstrom Getty Images Pro and bepslabor via Canva Pro

Soft décor include:

– crocheted items

– quilts

– needlework

Photos by: IVASHstudio, Billion Photos, Jodie Johnson and Jupiterimages Photo Images via Canva Pro

– lace-fringed pillows

– removable chair cushions

– ruffles on bed skirts, other furniture covers, curtains, etc…

– rumpled fabrics 

Other Characteristics

Photos by: Jaspe, pilesasmiles Getty Images, Alena Ozerova and Alena Ozerova via canva Pro

mismatched furniture pieces for a casual vibe

– includes vintage, flea-market finds

repurposed items like using old containers, such as a pitcher, as a vase 

Regional Influences

Any regional influence can be evident in the interiors.


The most common we come across are English Country or French Country Styles.


Although it’s difficult to differentiate between the two,

the French version has a generally more refined look than the English version.


 But there’s also Scandinavian Country Style, among others.


Go to Pinterest for more examples of Classic Country Style

Country Chic Style

Photos by: Witthaya Getty Images, Mathia Coco Getty Images and Peter_visual Getty Images via Canva Pro

Country Chic Style is the more elegant version.


They have the same characteristics and elements,

but Country Chic has a more sophisticated look overall.


It is both formal and casual at the same time.


Instead of simple furnishings,

it can include old pieces with classical silhouettes,

like Rococo and Neo-Classic pieces.



Country vibe in the photos:

– wrought iron ladder back chairs

– floral prints

– check pattern

– matchy-matchy use of pattern


Chic elements in the above examples:

– curvy legs of the furniture pieces

– glass vase in Greek style and shape

– tufting in furniture upholstery

– wall-to-wall carpet

– Neo-classic urn shape for lamp’s base

– polished finish of furniture pieces


Country Chic Artwork Examples

Photo attributions

Man in red coat on horse

Landscape with trees,_Landscape_with_Buildings,_fourth_quarter_18th_century,_NGA_43638.jpg

Fox-hunting hounds

Lady in blue dress on horse

For artworks, they use images that depict life and elegant lifestyles

of past centuries, like the above examples:


– game hunting as a usual gentlemen’s activity 

– rural landscape, set in old eras

– fox hunting using hounds

– horse-riding as common transportation.


They are placed in hand-carved, gilded frames.


More of Country Chic  Style in Pinterest.

Modern Country Style

Photos by: IOFOTO, masato_ei Getty Images Pro, Goran Bogicevic, jp_3d Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

The newer and more polished version of the style.


It takes the elements of Country Style

and gives them a fresh and modern look.


And like any modern style,

it can be minimalistic

rather than the usual maximalist nature of country interiors.


Modern elements in the above examples:

– bright red and green color scheme

– black and white scheme

– simplified design of the chairs’ spindles

– minimalist and polished look


Find more examples of Modern Country Style in Pinterest.

Classic Farmhouse Style

Photos by: nalinratphi Getty Images, poplasen Getty Images Pro and DarthArt Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

The Classic Farmhouse Style is a version of Country Style,

that focuses more on the spaces’ use as a place of work.


That’s why it’s very common that we see

kitchens and dining rooms in this style.


But their elements can also be carried through

into other spaces such as living room, bathroom, or bedroom. 


While Farmhouse Style share

the same characteristics and elements with Country Style,

Farmhouse Style has 

more emphasis in the use of industrial elements.


There can be an emphasis on a particular industry like:

flower farm, animal ranch, vineyard, etc…


Examples of industrial elements:

– industrial pendant lamps

– industrial machines

– metallic scissor gates

– other metal items 


Photos by: Melnotte Getty Images, ilfede Getty Images Pro, Free-Photos pixabay and FooTToo Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

More examples of industrial elements:


– metal bed frames

– barrels, like the ones above, used in wine industry

– metal tools

– industrial grade manila hemp rope

– concrete

– stones

– black iron


Photos by: Backyard Productions, Jupiterimages Photo Images, Foxy Dolphin, Elena Photo and KellyvanDellen via Canva Pro

– farmhouse table

– butcher blocks as kitchen countertops or tabletops

– cross back chairs to reference x-braces of barn doors

– apron sink

– curtain for under sink covering

– farmhouse clock, either made of reclaimed wood planks or black iron metal

– farm produce like fruits and veggies or foliage on display

Décor Examples

Photos by: Lisa Gilmore Getty Images, JuliaMikhaylova Getty Images Pro, MicKayla JoAngela Jagdfeld Getty Images, stickasa Getty Images, tony4urban Getty Images and LiliGraphie Getty Images via Canva Pro

– animal-themed figurines, paintings, artwork


– anything related to animal and plant farming, like:

birdcage, troughs, watering cans, windmill, milk cans, flour bags, etc.


– simple kitchen items, like:

dishcloths, apron, weighing scale, baskets, etc. 

Photos by: Kyra Guffey Getty Images, FooTToo Getty Images Pro, Svetlana Lukienko and anyka via Canva Pro

– farmhouse plaques with simple quotes on life

– anything vintage, like the vintage oven and weighing scale above

– wire baskets, other wire mesh décor

Open Display

Photos by: Jupiterimages Photo Images, Foxy Dolphin, GeorgeRudy Getty Images Pro, daniloforcellini Getty Images Pro and ruslangilmanshin via Canva Pro

– open shelf display

– plates and other items on open racks

– items on hooks or hung from overhead racks

Open display is usually preferred as items are also for everyday use.

Reclaimed and Repurposed Items

Photos by Natalia Klenova, tab1962, Alena Ozerova and Joaquín Corbalán via Canva Pro

– old crates used as trays and containers

– reclaimed windows, doors, and shutters as décor

or used for more practical things like tabletops and mirror, etc.


More of Classic Farmhouse Style in Pinterest.

Repurposed repurposing Country Farmhouse Style
Photos by: loonara Getty Images Pro, IKALSEMI Getty Images, Ana Iacob Getty Images, Boyrcr420 Getty Images, mscornelius Getty Images, oshuaraineyphotography Getty Images and nedjelly Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

More examples of repurposing, Country Farmhouse Style:


– milk can used as vase

– wheelbarrow as planter

– old metal lantern as wedding décor

– reclaimed window shutter as display rack

– work shoes and old metal tanks as planters

– amber bottles as hanging planters


For more inspirations on repurposing, go to our Pinterest account.


Note: Farmhouse and Industrial Styles share plenty of similarities.

See our post on Industrial Family of Style.

Modern Farmhouse Style

Photos by: LEK_3DPHOTO Getty Images Pro, Jodie Johnson, victorzastolskiy and Alena Ozerova via Canva Pro

The newer and fresher version of Classic Farmhouse Style.


Airy and has a minimalistic vibe.


Includes modern cabinetry for both base and overhead storage.

Often mixed with open shelves as reference to the classic version.


Elements from above photos:

– 4″ x 4″ ceramic tile as back splash and wall, in place of bricks.

Subway tiles are also commonly used

– open shelves mixed with modern cabinets

– metal drawer and cabinet handles

– stainless steel range hood

– mismatched furniture pieces

– vintage style fridge

– spindle-back chairs

– removable cushions on bench

– ceramicware on display

– Tolix metal chair

– repurposed enamel pitcher as a vase

– wool blankets

– hand woven area rug

– exposed beams

– industrial pendant lamps

– modern amenities like fridge and oven

– wood planks as cabinet facing for more of farmhouse vibe

– checkered pattern

– cross backed chair

– flowers, baked goods, fruits and plants on display 


Find more inspirations on Pinterest for Modern Farmhouse Style.


Cabin / Lodge / Log Style

Photos by: kirkandmimi pixabay, Jupiterimages Photo Images and kirkandmimi pixabay via Canva Pro


The names of this style speak more of the kind of architecture

that is carried into the interiors.


Unprocessed, heavy logs as their main feature,

they give the spaces a safe and secure vibe,

something that’s desirable for a place that’s exposed to the elements.


Characteristics and Elements

Photos by: Vitalij Sova, Jupiterimages Photo Images, DCorn Getty Images Pro, EPSTOCK IMAGES, Jupiterimages Photo Images, werner22brigitte pixabay and vvoevale via Canva Pro

It’s woodsy, adventurous and masculine.


Furniture can include manly pieces like

leather-upholstered chairs and sofas,

like the wing chair and Chesterfield sofa above.


Hunting, fishing and other outdoor sports

as inspirations for the décor.


Themes such as Native American, Wild West,

ski or fishing sport,  etc..,

depending on their location.


More of Cabin Style in Pinterest.

Modern Cabin Style

Photos by: Malkovstock Getty Images Pro, victorzastolskiy, Jovy86 Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

Modern Cabin interiors have the same elements

as their rustic counterparts,

but are fresher in their overall look.


They are furnished with contemporary pieces

and fitted with modern amenities.


Some may even use smart technology

as part of their design.


See Pinterest for more of Modern Cabin Style.

Beach / Coastal Style

Photos by: blueorangestudio, Alena Ozerova, Netfalls, AlinaKho, Rixie, Kaboompics .com Pexels , Wierink Imaging, Alena Ozerova, Svetlana Lukienko and NAimage Getty Images via Canva Pro

A Country Style inspired by the sea, the beach and coastal areas.


Color scheme includes

white, blue, blue-green, sand and tan.


Apart from the usual things that can be found on beaches,

they may have décor from related themes,

 such as nautical and tropical elements.


Also those that pertain to water sports and activities,

and maybe some industrial elements like

the hemp rope net and metal label plaques.


They can be rustic,  casual, modern or elegant.


Clues as to their locations may also be obvious.

Like for example:

– having a crystal chandelier for a posh Hamptons living room

– décor pertaining to Nantucket’s whaling industry

– batik patterns in a bedroom in a Bali resort

Rustic Beach / Coastal Style

Photos by: Anna_Om Getty Images, blueorangestudio and Jupiterimages Photo Images via Canva Pro

Casual Beach / Coastal Style

Photos by: ArchiViz Getty Images Pro, Comstock Images Photo Images, Comstock Photo Images, Adventure and lifestyle images and video footage Getty Images and Brett Taylor Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

Go to Pinterest for more examples.

Modern Coastal Style / Coastal Chic Style

Photos by: terng99 Getty Images Pro, wuttichaijangrab Getty Images, terng99 Getty Images Pro and ben-bryant Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

More inspiration in Pinterest.

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