Shop the Look: Dining Room- Mid-Century Modern + Tribal Styles

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MCM & Tribal patterns
Mid-Century Modern + Tribal - Dining Room moodboard
Mid-Century Modern + Tribal Styles - Dining Room

Mixing styles or trends can be tricky. But when done well, it results to a unique space, and even an intriguing one.

Besides, it is likely than not that you fancy more than one style. So we hope this post would bring out your adventurous side, and make you start mixing and blending styles.

One easy way to do this is to pick ones that share design elements – say, Mid-Century Modern and Tribal Styles.

If you’re into one of them, stick around. We’ll show you how we put together this dining area. And yes, you can shop the look, too.  


Like blending styles but not MCM and Tribal? Check out our Pinterest board on blended styles and find the ones that interest you.  


Now, before we pick apart the above concept boards, let’s tackle one issue.

Mid-Century Modern and Tribal - alike in several ways

Image showing similarities between mid-century modern and tribal styles

Whether or not this comes to you as a surprise, Mid-Century Modern and Tribal have several characteristics in common. And these make the two of them easy to combine.  Here they are:

·      They both use a colorful palette…

·      And with that, a lot of bold patterns.

·      Furnishings are mostly handmade and sculptural in look.

·      And they have that “close to nature” trait.


They’re both bold, vivid and personality-filled.


With that out of the way, let’s talk about these dining room concept boards.

Colors and patterns galore + more

We’re mixing two styles here, so we have more options. And we’ve done this three ways. More about these later.


Here’s how these spaces come together.

Mid-Century Modern + Tribal - Dining Room moodboard
Mid-Century Modern + Tribal Styles - Dining Room
Mid-Century Modern + Tribal Styles

This idea started with the chair below. Striking, wouldn’t you agree?

Its seat and backrest have these colors that are reminiscent of both Mid-Mod and Tribal Styles.


They’re hand-woven, and yet were done so in a large, modern pattern. And the frame is made of dark-colored wood.  These characteristics, as well as the colors, make this chair so fitting for a Mid-Mod project.

Combine this with furniture pieces with splayed legs, and this dining room is starting to come together. See the dining table, sideboard and bench above.

And this area rug just keeps making things better. Also hand-woven, and has the colors to match the chairs.

Here are several ways you can layout your dining space with these pieces.

DIning room furniture layout

Want to get the most colors? Get 6 of the chairs. If six of this colorful chairs is too much for your color threshold, then get 4 and throw in a bench instead. It’s less matchy-matchy, and it highlights the space’s and style’s casual vibe. You can even use 2 benches.

For lighting, install a Mid-Century Modern piece like the one here with branching arms… or go more Tribal with multiple pendant shades made of natural fibers and colorful patterns. The ones with rattan shades all go with either Mid-Mod and Tribal.

Now let’s dress up the sideboard. Tie it up with the rest of the space by placing an artwork above it. Just like the lighting, you can either go more Mid-Century Modern or more Tribal.

Make sure the artworks have the colors found in the dining space. It’s one of the easiest ways to make any space look cohesive.

Below are print artworks and also round wall decor made of natural fibers.

Bring in some more décor to add more interest. There are of course a lot of ways to this, and here, we’ve added a table lamp, one that’s inspired by the Mid-Century Modern bubble chandelier. 

For the final touch, add plenty of plants, in all shapes and sizes – potted in small or big planters, or placed in macramé hangers.

***As an aside, this sideboard set-up can also work for entryway or foyer, or even for a wall that needs some sprucing up.

That’s it for this dining area in blended styles. We hope this Mid-Century Modern and Tribal mix gets you inspired to combine two or several of your favorite styles. It’s fun, and it opens up so many possibilities to make your space different, unique, and definitely your own.

Want to learn see more of Mid-Century Modern and Tribal as individual styles? Or more of both of them together in one space? Just click the buttons below and they will take you right to our Pinterest boards. And again, there’s one for our “blended styles” board for more mixed-and-matched styles.  

Happy decorating!

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