Urban Chic Style Table Lamps – A Short Visual Guide

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Pinterest pin with 4 images of table lamps for Urban Chic Style projects

If you love city life and at the same time appreciate a restrained dose of elegance, Urban Chic Style may be for you. While this short, short post is specific to table lamps, check it out to get a feel of what the style is about.

For a deeper dive into the Urban Family of Styles, click on this link.  



Now for our show and tell. 

Table table with a trio of edison lamp covered by a tall glass dome
table lamp with bent, gold-finished metal rod for framing
Table lamp with marble base, gold-finished metal rod as body, and glass shade for the bulb
Table lamp with marble base. ,etal rod for the body, metal cage as the shade for the bulb

Here’s what to look for in a table lamp to get that Urban Chic vibe.


For the urban part:

  • Edison bulbs – to refer to the Urban Style’s relation to Industrial Styles. This bulb is one of the symbols of the Industrial Revolution.
  • Metal and glass as materials – the same materials used to build urban buildings and skyscrapers.
  • Bulbs in metal cages – to refer to outdoor lamps used in industrial zones. They come with cage-like shades to protect them from the elements.
  • Machine aesthetic – an overall polished, engineered look that’s characteristic of the Industrial Era.  

For the chic / elegant part:

  • Shiny, metallic finishes – preferably gold, but silver, chrome, or nickel finishes work too.
  • Use of luxurious materials like marble or granite.
  • Cage-like shades with patterns that are more sophisticated than the usual industrial caged lamps.
And that’s it for this really short post on Urban Chic Style table lamps.



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